A Cat in Love…

Karl Ove Knausgaard is a Norwegian writer and a new star of the literary memoir.  As soon as I finished volume one ( A Death in the Family)  I was itching to start volume two, which is called A Man in Love. A few days into reading I left the book on the bed and my cat, Puss, curled up next to it. Was Puss in love with Karl Ove too?   I began to reflect on what this author and my cat had in common. It’s true, to both nothing seems to matter but what they actually see and experience. But alas, Puss can only express experience by purring or howling, whereas Karl Ove, who has the gift of words, in his unflinchingly frank and mesmerising way, is able to tell exactly how he feels. So cat and man may have shared proximity but that is  all.  Karl Ove  is a genius and Puss is… just a cat.
And read the series.

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