‘The Milkman in the Night’ by Andrey Kurkov

A curious and entirely original novel. I mean who would think that there could be such a thing as a clandestine political network that feeds on cheese made from human breast milk and a night time warrior for justice that’s actually a drug-fueled fluffy cat.
If I pitched this novel I’d get dismissed out of hand but then it’s unlikely this could have been set anywhere but Ukraine. Nelson is crazy and sexy, well, sexy, but nowhere near as crazy and sexy as Ukraine.

I’m not sure what fountain of initiative where this chap gets his ideas from but when he paddles in it he probably involves lots of wodka, recreational drug use and Pink Floyd. His stories are also believable (yes, believable because it is Ukraine after all), cleverly woven and expand the reader’s horizon and capability to digest literature. I was up until 4.30am, stuck to this book before I conked out in my armchair.
I hope he keeps paddling in that fountain.
Shine on you crazy diamond.

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Jonathan Corfe

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