‘The Time of the Hero’ by Mario Vargas Llosa

Toxic masculinity.
It makes young men do dumb things. It also doesn’t stop older men doing dumb things. When dumb things become commonplace they become the system. The system doesn’t like being changed when the people in charge of it are comfortable with dumb things happening.
Dumb things become dumber when there are guns involved.
Don’t do dumb things.

My second Mario Vargas Llosa and an interesting insight into hyper-macho Latin culture. He has a knack for telling a story, as his Nobel Prize for Literature attests. He also doesn’t hold back in his criticism as evidenced by the fact that when he published this the Peruvian Army publicly burned 1,000 copies of this book.
I wish someone would buy 1,000 copies of my book to burn.

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Jonathan Corfe


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